Bella Hadid FELL on the Michael Kors runway but we still love her


Look, even the best and most skilled of us make mistakes… and high heels are hard. Especially when they're six-feet high with platforms that resemble red bricks.

Now, we love Bella Hadid here in Shemazing! HQ, she's fierce and her style is totally on point, not to mention she's a total boss when it comes to walking the runway.

That's why we all still love her even though she went splat at the Michael Kors fashion show last night.

When she began to strut her stuff she was perfect, but of course there was about a million turns and corners in the runway (well, three) and the girl just couldn't handle it.

She totally regained herself afterwards though, and kept a smile on her face through it all.

Fair play Bella, because we probably would have crumbled in the corner.