Being overweight may make you sick, but it won’t kill you

New research has shown that while people who are overweight are more likely to get heart disease, the risk of them actually dying from it, is lower than people who are underweight.

Dr Abhishek Sharma, of the State University of New York, carried out the research where he analysed 36 previous studies involving thousands of patients with coronary artery disease. He found that the death rate in those with a high BMI (over 30) were up to 27% lower, than those with a normal BMI.

Dr Sharma said: “At this stage, we can only speculate on the reasons for this paradox.

“One explanation may be that overweight patients are more likely to be prescribed cardio-protective medications such as beta blockers and statins and in higher doses than the normal weight population.”

He added: “Obese and overweight patients have been found to have large coronary vessel damage, which might contribute to more favourable outcomes [than those who have smaller damaged vessels].”

However, before you ring the Chinese and order everything on the menu, Dr. Sharma warned: “The findings in these studies should not be considered as an attempt to undermine the legitimacy of the anti-obesity campaign in the best interest of public health.”