Beauty Blogger of the Week: Ruth from Willow Lane!


Our beauty blog pick for this week is Willow Lane, created by Belfast lady Ruth Maguire.

We love the great mix of beauty, style, interiors, food and travel pieces on the site – and there's some gorgeous photography to boot. 

Willow Lane has just been named as a finalist for this year's Blog Awards Ireland, in the Lifestyle category… we'll have our fingers crossed!

We chatted with Ruth about her top beauty tips – from her foolproof budget buys to her luxury favourites. Check out what she had to say…

1. What is your best budget beauty buy?
Maxfactor Mastertouch Concealer. I use this for under-eye coverage and to correct uneven skin tone around the nose and chin. It's also great for covering up blemishes.

2. What is your top make-up tip?
I love products that are multi-purpose and I always think it's worth carrying a small tub of Vaseline in your handbag. I love to use Vaseline, not just on my dry lips but over my lipstick for extra gloss and moisturisation. I also use it to highlight my cheekbones and give a fresh dewy look. I even use a little on my unruly brows to keep them in place and looking glossy.

3. Most girls have much-loved lipstick – what's yours?
I’m afraid I am very fickle and don’t have a favourite shade of lipstick but I do love a good moisturising lipstick. I think the Clinique and Liz Earle lippies are great quality options that don't dry out your lips. I also love the Maybelline SuperStay lipsticks and have them in about six or seven different colours. There are two parts to these lipsticks – the colour wand and the glossy conditioning balm. These are great to use when you know you're going to have a busy day and won't have the time to touch up your lip colour.

4. What was your very first perfume and what are you currently wearing?
My first perfume was Live by J.Lo.  It’s still on sale – I smelled it recently in Boots and memories of my university partying days came flooding back! This year I’ve been wearing Dolce and Gabbana Pour Femme. I bought my mother-in-law the perfume first and fell in love with the scent, which has top notes of of mandarin orange, raspberry and neroli.

5. You're only allowed to use three make-up products for the rest of your life – what are they?
A good quality nude coloured lipstick, my Maxfactor Concealer, and a rosy pink blusher for my cheeks! If I have to pop out quickly on a lazy weekend then these are the three products I'll use to make myself look a bit more presentable!

Head to Willow Lane for more beauty and style news, and for regular updates you can follow Ruth on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and  Pinterest!