Be very wary: A new cyber attack is spreading across the world


Yet another cyber attack has spread across the world in the past 24 hours.

The virus, that initially hit the Ukraine, has affected systems in Europe this morning, causing major disruption to businesses.

According to, the hack was the biggest in Ukraine's history and has now reached Spain, India, the UK and Ireland.

Reports from claim that the virus has hit a Cadbury's chocolate factory in Australia, shutting down all of its systems.

It is said to be of the same magnitude as the massive 'WannaCry' attack which paralysed the NHS in England.

Over across the pond, the British National Cyber Security Centre said that it is "aware of the global ransomware incident" and is "monitoring the situation closely."

Closer to home however, experts are warning you to be vigilant when opening emails and be wary of any attachments sent to you.