“Basic” girls explained – here’s how to tell if you’re one too!


The internet can't get enough of "basic girls" lately (or "basic b*tches" to use their more NSFW name) – but what exactly are they?

Well… it's kind of hard to define a basic girl, as we reckon about 99% of the population displays some of the traits.

In essence, if you're basic you're a little bit unsophisticated, a touch too obvious, and let's face it, kinda uncool. Think of it as the opposite of a hipster. Yup, sounds exactly like us. 

If you're worried (or hoping) you're a basic Irish girl, here are some of the big signs… 

1. You still go to Starbucks for your morning fix – though you know it's not "good" coffee
Give me a Grande White Mocha over your single-roast Guatemalan beans any day. And once the seasonal drinks arrive, you can't keep us away. Well hello little Toffee Nut Latte, nice to meet you again! Extra credit if you have your own Starbucks mug or flask at home. 

2. You always end up in Coppers of a Saturday – even if you swear it's not going to happen
The temptation of some extra craic on the dance floor come 2am is just too much to resist. Don't think you're off the hook for this one if you live outside of Dublin – every county has its own Coppers-eqsue nightclub. Is that the sweet strains of Cotton Eye Joe we hear?

3. "Thanks, Penneys" is a phrase you say at least once a day
You might change things up every once in a while with a trip to New Look but Penneys is still your go-to shop for cheap shoes, dresses, jewellery, knickers… The list goes on. And on. This is your heaven:

4. You have a designated pair of "comfy couch pants"
Leggings, trackie bottoms, yoga pants – whatever they are, you can't sit down to Great British Bake Off until you're clad in your cosiest bottoms. Most likely teamed with a pair of giant fluffy slipper socks. Style does not come into it. This is about comfort, people. Pure and simple. 

5. You see a selfie opportunity wherever you go
Even if you hashtag it with #shamelessselfie… it's still a selfie. Whether you've just bought a new dress, or are out for the night, or are just plain bored, every day is Selfie Day. #DefinitelyBasic

6. You love a good inspirational quote
Your Instagram is awash with cute fonts set over pictures of sunsets and starry skies. And for offline inspiration, you have some emergency motivational mottos framed in your apartment too. Bonus basic points if it's your quote is a song lyric or something that was said by Marilyn Monroe/Coco Chanel/Audrey Hepburn.

7. Yankee Candles could take you on as a shareholder
A home's not a home without a seasonally scented candle. As soon as November hits, you'll be changing your "Autumn Leaves" candle for a "Cinnamon and Clove" one. Deeelish.

8. A Mean Girls quote improves every situation
"Four for you Glen Coco! You go Glen Coco!"