Move back home? Bank of Ireland have pulled controversial campaign


As rents in Ireland reach an all-time high, it's no real surprise that the public responded negatively to Bank of Ireland's recent campaign, which suggested that adult children should rely on their parents for financial support.

In a tweet which has since been deleted, Bank of Ireland encouraged adults to move back in with their parents in order to save for a mortgage.

"Orla and her boyfriend stopped renting and moved back with their parents to save the deposit for their 1st home," read the tweet which acted as an introduction to a blog which detailed the couple's decision to return to the family home in order to secure their own home in the future.

As this decision is normally seen as a last resort, the public were quick to criticise the organisation's attempt to normalise a situation which has been causing grave concern among young adults in recent years.

Taking to Twitter to air their grievances, the public condemned the campaign, with one person writing: "Despite it being the reality, it's low for a state backed bank to promote young people misfortunes."