Band reveals epic location for upcoming Stag night


We bet he regrets leaving the details to his mates now! 

If Zayn Malik had any intention of having a low-key stag celebration, then band mate Niall has put a stop to that.

The Mullingar native revealed during an interview with OK! magazine that the lads plan to whisk Zayn away to Las Vegas to celebrate his upcoming nuptials in true bachelor style, to which a downcast Zayn replied with a simple “Oh no.”

We can understand his disappointment; Caeser’s Palace, mile-long buffet tables and endless cocktails… No wait, what’s the problem here?

Maybe Zayn is worried that a trip to Sin City may attract negative press attention? After all, Perrie's future husband was plagued with reports of substance abuse problems for simply missing an interview in the States this week!

If we hoped that Stag night reveals would lead to wedding reveals, we were a little disappointed because it seems Zayn is as much in the dark about the upcoming ceremony as everyone else.

When asked about the possibility of a Disney-themed wedding, the twenty-one-year-old singer expressed surprise, exclaiming; “Disney?! I hadn’t been told that!”

Maybe it's best Zayn focuses on his stag night and leaves the wedding details to the lovely Perrie.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right?