‘Ball of fury’ cat prompts call to police


A mum and daughter in San Diego had no choice but to call the police after they were held hostage by their – wait for it – cat. Yes CAT!

The unusual incident started when one of the women got up in the middle of the night and it was then Cuppy decided to strike.

The poor woman, who has had the feline for 14 years, was held captive for hours and couldn’t escape the clutches of the terrifying cat who kept launching vicious attacks. When the second family member came to their aid, they too became trapped.

Finally, they were forced to call the police but even they struggled to catch it.

However, obviously having had enough for one day, Cuppy simply walked away from the scene. 

A neighbour described the cat as being a “ball of fury” and we can kind of see where she got the name from.