‘Babies don’t need photo-shop’: Billie Faiers faces online criticism

Billie Faiers isn't shy when it comes to updating her social media.

However,, she shared one photo of her daughter Nelly and son Arthur which has been hit with a wave of criticism.

The mum uploaded a snap of her three-year-old daughter and eight-month-old son to Instagram, but many fans believed that she had used filters to make her children look different.

Billie was then accused of photoshopping the shot of her kids where they can be seen lying on a rug at their family home.

The sweet photo sees Nelly smiling and holding the hand of her baby brother Arthur, but fans were not impressed with the snap.

One user wrote, “They are the cutest! Babies don’t need photoshop.”

One fan added, “Are we airbrushing babies now…?! A bit far maybe?!”

The negative comments have since been deleted, but Billy’s fans quickly stood up to the haters.

One wrote, So people have never used a filter on their kids before? Yeah right, I bet you have even if it's black and white.'