Awks! Did Mary Berry just let slip who is leaving Bake Off TONIGHT?

*No spoilers here… we promise*

We're only three weeks into Great British Bake Off and we've already had our first clanger, courtesy of Mary Berry. The legendary baker and GBBO judge apparently revealed live on BBC radio who was set to leave the Bake Off tent this evening, forgetting that only two episodes had aired so far. 

Chatting to Chris Evans on Radio 2, Mary got flustered when discussing who had been eliminated. 

When Chris said, "You’ve already lost two," the 80-year-old replied "Wait a minute we’ve already lost three!"

She then went on to list the names of the bakers who'd been kicked off so far, saying, "Marie, ******, and on the first week it was the lovely chap with the little hat on [Stuart]." 

Poor Stu obviously didn't make much of an impression with his beetroot cake in Week One if the judges have already forgotten his name…

Twitter soon went into overdrive with listeners cringing on poor Mary's behalf after what appeared to be one hell of a spoiler.

Well, some cringed. Others were not so sympathetic:

If you REALLY can't wait until tonight to find out who is reportedly leaving (you party pooper), you can find out on Twitter here or here.