Aw! Kylie Jenner just got a Tyga TATTOO and it’s super cute

Kylie Jenner isn't shy about flaunting her love for long-time boyfriend Tyga on social media, and now the star has gone one step further in showcasing her commitment.

The teenage makeup maven has added to her collection of tiny tattoos by opting for a teeny "t" in homage to her beau.

The miniscule inkling has been etched on the youngest Kardashian-Jenner's inner ankle for some time now, but went unnoticed due to it's small size.

Kylie actually posted a picture in which it is visible over a month ago, with few fans catching on in the comment's section.

The ink was done by celebrity tattoo artist Rafael Valdez, who previously did some of Kylie's other tatts.


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Kylie now has a grand total of five tattoos, and her "t" is the first one done in black ink.

The other four are red, and include a tiny heart on the back of her left arm, the word 'sanity' on her hip, the letter "m" on her middle finger and the signature of her grandmother Mary-Jo on her inner elbow.

Tyga has also used his body art collection to showcase his love for Kylie, opting to get her name tattooed in bold on his inner right arm, as part of his extensive collection.