Australia or NZ? Little girl’s Rugby World Cup dilemma goes viral

Having not one but TWO teams playing in a Rugby World Cup final is something us Irish folks can't really relate to, but for poor Annabelle it's a very real problem.

The youngster lives in Australia, but her mum Andrea Gatchell is a New Zealander, meaning she'll have to shout for both teams in today's RWC final clash.

Poor Annabelle… #thestruggleisreal#goallblacks #undecidedannabelle

Posted by Andrea Gatchell on Thursday, 29 October 2015

Choosing a favourite turned out to be a bit too much pressure for Annabelle yesterday, and her tearful meltdown has gone viral since her mum shared it on Facebook.

"'I really want to go for New Zealand but if Australia lose I'll be really sad … and if I go for Australia, you'll be really sad because you're a New Zealander," she says through her tears.

And when her mum asks who she would prefer to win all she can say is, "I don't KNOW."

Our heart goes out to little Annabelle… but she'll no doubt be celebrating no matter who wins.