President Trump looks certain, the internet shares their HEARTBREAK

As people across the country wake up this morning to the news that Donald Trump is the US president-elect, people across the globe have already been sharing their shock at the news.

It’s fair to say that this result is a shock, a major shock no matter what side of the election you stood on and there is nowhere that is more evident than on Twitter.

Here's the reaction from the public this morning:

Winning key swing states like Florida, North Carolina and Ohio, the outcome started to become clear around 4am this morning.

The Republican businessman defied the expectation of most of the pollsters as well as political analysts who last night going to bed would have told us Hillary Clinton had this in the bag.

With the public reacting emotionally, news has just broke that Hillary Clinton has now called Donald Trump to concede the election which means that it is now official; Donald Trump is now president-elect of the United States.