Are you stressed out?

Life is stressful,  from trying to get good marks in colleges, finding a job, working in a job to the stress of simply living at home with your younger siblings, there is no escaping it.

Here are three signs you really need to relax and get rid of some of that workload:

Stomach cramps
Not pretty, but stress can lead to diarrhoea and constipation. One of the most effective ways to distress is to exercise- go out for a run or join a Zumba class and work that stress out of you.

Looking a bit spotter than usual? Well, you can put this down to stress. Apart from trying to unclog your pores or de-junk you diet, reducing stress will significantly reduce your breakouts.

Losing your hair
Now this is scary. If constipation doesn’t motivate you enough to de-stress, hair loss will. High levels of the hormone androgen is caused by stress and it’s because of this that your hair will temporarily fall out.

If things really are starting to get on top of you, talk to someone. While exercise is important for releasing stress so too is opening up about the problem. Try to sort issues at the source be it down to college, work or family problems.