Are you committing these dating sins?

If any of the below ring true to your current dating style, you may want to pull back a bit.

Remember, dating is not the same as being exclusive, therefore the same rules do not apply.

1. Being too clingy
Do you need to know where he is 24/7? Ask him to hang out every single day even though he doesn’t seem to keen? Take a few days and let him remember what he’s missing!

2. Becoming too available
Don’t cater for his every whim – he can look after himself. He’ll have more respect for you if you let him know you aren’t available for him all of the time.

3. Jealousy
If you allow your jealousy to overcome the beginning of a potential relationship then there may be trouble ahead. Your new beau won’t appreciate snooping.

4. Acting like their girlfriend
If you want to be his girlfriend, then ask him. Otherwise, don’t ask why he hasn’t brought you to meet his mom yet!