Are you brave enough to join the ‘no poo’ movement?


The latest craze to hit is the ‘no poo’ movement, but it’s not something we are really ready to get on board with.

Now before you gawk in horror, the ‘no poo’ movement is not what it sounds like – it’s all about not washing your hair with shampoo ever again.

Lucy Aitken Read author of Happy Hair: The definitive guide to giving up shampoo, swears by it and she has been without a rinse and repeat for two years.

Lucy initially just wanted to rid her body of any chemicals – which there are a lot of in shampoos –  and set about on her challenge. But she is not alone, there is a flood of bloggers hopping on the band wagon.

But what exactly does it involve and how on earth could we possibly go out with dirty hair? It literally involves not using shampoo and yes there is a smelly stage.  Lucy resorted to using headscarves on not-so-good days.

She only uses “water on [her] hair every three to four days, and every 10 to 14 days [she] might use an egg on it, or some bicarbonate of soda,” and we have to admit her hair looks pretty great.