Are you applying your perfume all wrong?


Many of us out there will have been given perfume for Christmas while many lucky women already have their ‘signature scent’ chosen – but are we applying our perfume all wrong?

Do you spray your scent on one wrist and then rub it off the other one? All wrong apparently! Do you spray your perfume AFTER you get dressed? Wrong too!

So then, what is the right way to apply your scent and have it last? Here are some tips and advice!

  • Apply your perfume before you put on clothes or jewellery. Not only will the scent absorb into your skin rather than your clothes but you will minimise the risk of staining jewellery and clothes with the perfume.  
  • Apply the perfume to your pulse points without rubbing motions: wrists, neck, inside elbow and the back of the knees. It’s advisable to choose two of the pulse points to spritz rather than becoming overpowered by the scent.
  • Your hair can be a great place to spritz some perfume as it is said it hold the scent quite well. However, if you have dry or brittle hair make sure not to overdo it. 
  • Your perfume has an expiration date -about a year or so. If you notice a change in how the top notes smell, unfortunately it may be time to bin it. The shelf life of your scent may be altered by how it is stored so ensure it's not in direct sunlight for much of the day. 

Use these tips and you will smell like heaven all day, every day – without making your co-workers choke!