Are this star couple back together again?!


Yes, we know you probably have it up to HERE with rumours of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez reuniting, but just listen to us on this one!

It might have seemed like a totally arrogant and slimy move by Biebs earlier this week to say that Selena is still “his girl,” but it seems there might have been some truth to the star’s boasting.

Yesterday Justin tweeted and quickly removed the below photo with the caption, “Right now everything else is a blur.”

Hmmm… Are you trying to get our attention, Justin?

The pair have been spotted together a number of times this week, with one fan claiming to have seen them together at… wait for it… Bible study! Is Biebs trying to atone for his sins? See the tweets below, from the aptly-named Stalker Sarah, who loves to dish out celebrity gossip on Twitter:


While nothing has been confirmed as yet, the various sightings of Selena and Justin around LA over the last few days could suggest something is afoot. Watch this space…