Are these 1947 dating tips relevant today?


It’s always nice to see how things have changed throughout the years, and it’s usually for the better. This video made in 1947 was meant to help viewers figure out how to be popular, but was it really just a guise to stop girls ‘parking in cars with boys’?

Have a look for yourself – but the basic rules laid out are:

  • Don’t date everyone around you
  • Don’t leave it to the last minute to ask a girl on a date (that’s for the boys only, as girls don’t make the first move of course)
  • Don’t let the woman make the decision about where to go, and ALWAYS make sure to imply your price range so she doesn’t get ahead of herself
  • Keep a date calendar, so you don’t forget or turn up late for your date
  • Save the boy money by giving him a bite to eat at your house