Are all of your friends gone on a J1? Here’s how to pass the time


Feeling totally FOMO right now? Us too! Here’s some ways you can make yourself feel better.

1. Heatwaves


We love hot weather for like, two days tops. They have it for THREE MONTHS! Can you imagine the horror?

2. The bog


Make all your American-side friends jealous with some good, old-fashioned footin-the-turf time. Grab the hang sandwiches and get buildin’ them castles!

 3. Bonfires


We can build a bonfire and make smores on the beach too ya’know… They just don’t taste the same with the north wind blowing sand onto them. But still.

4. Knacker drinking


Snapchat all of your J1 friends photos of your fun epic knacker drinking and you are sure to instil serious jealousy and homesickness. Result.

5. Let’s go to the beach beach

tumblr_m5gt19FTow1r5g67po1_500 So thanks lads, what a lovely message and what a lovely picture of a beach. Well we can do one better than that. Huntington Beach looks shite anyway, Salthill here we come. It’s awful cold in Salthill though. Maybe bring a hoodie just in case.

6. Out on the town


Find a massive ceili session and make them drool for a Bulmers and ice. Take that!

7. Mass misery


They won’t have gotten confession for three months. Can you imagine?

8. Festival fun


Kanye. Jay-Z. Nuff’ said!

via our content creator CT