Angela Scanlon’s podcast is a source of joy in these dark times

These strange and intense times can leave you feeling awfully lonely. Many of us haven’t seen our friends in months and as wonderful as FaceTime is, sometimes all you want is a hug from your best friend.

Others are separated from their families, whether they’re living in another county or halfway across the world.

One thing that has helped lift my spirits is podcasts. They have the power to make you feel that little bit less alone. They’re the perfect way to distract yourself from all the doom and gloom, the negative newsreel and the WhatsApp trolls. Switching off and listening to a couple of episodes in the garden, on your daily walk or even as you work from home can help soothe your soul.


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One podcast that has been my saviour during lockdown is Angela Scanlon’s Thanks a Million. The heartwarming podcast has not only been the positive boost I’ve been craving, but it’s also helped me see just how lucky I am, despite everything going on right now. Thanks a Million is all about expressing gratitude for the little things, major moments and everything in between. 

Thanks a Million is the show that thinks about thanks, with the good, the great and the grateful.


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Scanlon has had a delightful range of guests including Amy Huberman, Marian Keyes, Stacey Dooley and most recently, Fleabag’s Sian Clifford.

The world is an incredibly scary place right now, but finding joy and expressing a little gratitude will help each day feel less daunting. Be thankful for the cup of coffee your sister made you, for our nurses, for the sound of the birds chirping, for having a home to isolate in, for being able to call your nanny, for homemade scones, for '80s movies and for this joyous podcast.

You can listen to Thanks a Million on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and more.