An Post is sending two free postcards to every home in Ireland


Trying to stay in touch with your family and friends couldn’t be easier at the moment. We have everything we need from FaceTime to Skype and WhatsApp. The family group chat has never been busier and we’re more than grateful for technology at the moment, but that doesn’t mean traditional communication should be ignored.

A simple phone call goes a long way, but An Post has gone even further by giving two free postcards to every household in Ireland.

So why not pen a note to your granny, best friend or your aunt down in Kerry?

The postcards will be free to send to anyone all across the Emerald Isle so get writing!

The postcards will be sent to every home in the coming weeks and you can even pick up extra ones from your local post office.

CEO of An Post, David McRedmond said: “Write to your grand-parents or older relatives and friends who are self-isolating; write to someone who is living alone or who could do with a boost.”

Staying connected during this pandemic is one thing that will help lift our spirits, so this really is the sweetest action by An Post.