‘An end to stigma’: The Eighth Amendment bill is passed tonight


The Regulation of Termination of Pregnancy bill has been officially passed.

All of the amendments have been voted and the bill for the 8th Amendment is on its way to Aras an Uachtarain to be signed by Michael D Higgins. 

The bill passed with 27 votes to 5.

The new law will allow abortion to take place up to 12 weeks, and after that  time if there is a foetal abnormality detected or danger to the woman's health.

Minister for Health Simon Harris confirmed the vote passed in a post on social media.

He wrote, ''Just over 200 days ago, you, the people of Ireland voted to repeal the 8th so we could care for women with compassion. Today we have passed the law to make this a reality. A vote to end lonely journeys, end the stigma and support women’s choices in our own country.''

The people of Ireland took to the polls last May to make abortion legal and now it will be from January 1.