‘An amazing day’: TDs and Senators vote to repeal the 8th Amendment


According to emerging reports, the Oireachtas Committee on the Eighth Amendment has voted in favour of its repeal.

The Irish Times reports that of the 21-member committee, 14 voted in favour, 6 voted against, and the chairperson abstained.

Members of the public took to Twitter to celebrate the decision, with many dubbing it a major milestone in the pro-choice journey.

"An important step forward as #8Committee votes overwhelmingly for a repeal of the Eighth Amendment," wrote one.

"So emotional! I can't thank @freesafelegal @repealeight and all the long time activists for all the hard work for many years that has led to this milestone," added another.

Committee member, Brid Smith, took to Twitter to share her delight in the aftermath of the decision, writing: “REPEAL!! We did it; 14 to 6; now to win the referendum."

"Congrats to all those women who fought and campaigned for 34 years to end this barbaric law! And in memory of those who suffered so cruelly”.

The final report on Article 40.3.3 of the Constitution will be published on December 20.