Amy Childs details daughter Polly’s diagnosis with learning difficulty

Amy Childs has revealed that her daughter has been diagnosed with a learning difficulty.

Amy is a mum to three children – one-year-old twins Billy and Milly, five-year-old son Ritchie and her firstborn, seven-year-old daughter Polly.

The Only Way Is Essex favourite has now confirmed that Polly has been diagnosed with dyslexia – the same learning disability that Amy was also diagnosed with as a child.


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Earlier today, the 34-year-old took to her Instagram account to post a heartwarming snap of her eldest daughter standing at the front door of her family home, proudly wearing her school uniform.

“My Polly … So we got the news last week that Polly is Dyslexic..!” Amy began in her caption.

“I got diagnosed with dyslexia when I was 4! The struggles that I went from day to day, struggling with school work, finding it hard to read, it was really tough, I failed every single gcse, but I tried my hardest always,” the reality star recalled.


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“I was confident, I could go into a room and speak to anyone, I had amazing manners, and I became head girl at school, just because having a diagnosis doesn’t mean you can’t achieve what you want in life..” Amy promised, before going on to write directly to her little girl.

“I just want to say Polly you are the most amazing beautiful girl, you are hard working, you are kind and the loveliest girl, I am so bloody proud of you Polly,” she wrote sweetly.

“You really are the most special girl in the world,” Amy concluded. 


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Following her candid update, many of Amy’s fellow TOWIE stars have since been taking to her comments section to send their support to Polly.

“Beautiful girl, what a superpower to have,” commented Georgia Kousoulou.

“Polly’s a credit to you amazing little girl,” responded Saffron Lempriere.

“Love her so much,” added Harry Derbidge, who is also Amy’s cousin.