Four ways to hang out with long distance friends that aren’t phone calls

We're all really missing our friends right now. It feels as if lockdown has gone on forever and really, there's only so many times you can call to ask someone what they've been up to, when neither of you have been up to anything. Because it's a pandemic. What on earth is there to be up to, apart from surviving?

Anyway, my point is, if you and your friends are sick of staring at one another on Zoom, waiting for each other to say something interesting, then we've got a couple of solutions for you. Try out some of these ideas to feel a little closer with each other and forget the distance for a little while. Let us know which one you try!


Woman Holding Space Gray Iphone 6

Psych is one of my favourite games to play long distance with friends because you don't necessarily have to be one Zoom to play it – unless you want to see each other's reactions of course. The game was invented by Ellen Degenerese's app team and its full of laughs and fun packs. You and your team can join together to play games like quizzes – more fun than the Zoom kind, we promise – caption this, the truth comes out and many more! Prep for some laughs, creativity and a chance to forget about everything else that's going on for a while. 


Assorted-color Artwork Equipment Set

This one you do have to be on Zoom for, but it's a nice way to feel like you're all hanging out while also not having to fill every silence. Painting is super relaxing and if you're all working on the same piece, it's really fun to see what everyone's interpretations are of it! Thrown in a glass or two of wine and you've got yourself a party! Better yet, have everyone pair up and have to paint the person they're matched with – make sure you're not easily offended before doing this! 

Cocktail making

Lime Juice And Fruit Shake On Glass

There are so many classes and courses online these days that it's super easy to find one that will send the supplies to your house for you all to try your hands at cocktail making. Or if you want to make your own cocktails, send everyone the list of ingredients beforehand and source them before the call, making the cocktails while on a Zoom together. Have people rate them and maybe even come up with alternative names for them if you're feeling creative!

Netflix party

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Sometimes in the midst of all of this, it's hard to feel upbeat and cheerful and appear on camera with friends. But at the same time, you don't want to be alone. Netflix part is a great halfway point for when you're not feeling sociable but would rather be in other people's company. Find something new to watch or maybe even an old nostalgic film and enjoy it together. There's something comforting in knowing you're doing something at the same time and that there's someone on the other end of the line, even if you don't need to speak.