All the promises we make going back to college


The new college year is fast approaching, and if you’re anything like us, you’re probably lying awake at night making a mental list of all the ways this semester is going to be different. For example:

You not going to miss ANY lectures
Of course not. It’s going to be a golden year – you can feel it in your bones.

You’re going to wear lovely clothes every day
No more hoodies and tracksuit bottoms – it’ll be pretty dresses and funky tops from here on in. As for your hair? Never again will you utter the words “sure it’ll be alright till I get home” as you pick up the can of dry shampoo.

No more stupid boys
You’re going to be all about your studies this year – there is NO way any evening will be wasted pining over some boy you barely know. You are SO over that.

You’ll be the most organised person in the world
You’ve already stocked up on folders and dividers, not to mention an array of pens in all the colours of the rainbow. And highlighters too!

You’ll keep your handwriting super neat
No more struggling to read your own handwriting come exam time – and no more doodling either!

No more parties on weeknights
Sure you’ll be too busy with all the study, and exercise too, of course.

You’ll cook proper meals
You hadn’t realised how malnourished you were ‘till you came home for the summer. That won’t happen again though – you’ve bought a cookbook!

You’ll make that guy fall in love with you
Scratch that third one – with all the healthy eating, exercise and beautiful clothes, that guy is SURE to form a little crush – this year is going to be GREAT!