Alcohol myths busted

Alcohol is a common player in parties and nights out; but what do you really know about drinking? Here are five common myths that may make you think twice, before having a drink:

1. You can drive an hour after drinking
Eh, no! It can actually take up to two hours for our bodies to process alcohol. Depending on your weight and how much was in the bottle of beer you just drank.

2. Getting drunker on vodka
This one is true. Hard alcohol gets you drunk and dark liquors like whiskey and rum can make you feel a hell of a lot worse he next day.

3. A nightcap brings on sleep
Actually, while it may bring on sleep, it can leave you feeling like you haven’t had enough shut eye. The alcohol causes your REM sleep to be disturbed meaning your rest is more disturbed rest than it would without the alcohol.

4. Mixing drinks makes you sick
While mixing drinks can leave you a little worse for wear the next day, it’s probably down to the amount consumed, not what was consumed.

5. You’ve a high alcohol tolerance
Everyone processes alcohol differently: for some it means it takes more alcohol to feel drunk rather than be drunk. A supposed ‘high tolerance’ can leave you unaware that you’ve had one drink too many.