Actress isn’t impressed with Jamie Dornan in Fifty Shades movie


Anna Kendrick doesn’t seem too impressed with Jamie Dornan’s appearance in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie!

The actress, who is known for her witty and hilarious tweets, wrote that Jamie reminds her too much of the kid in Love Actually.

Yes, really: “The “50 Shades Of Grey” dude looks just like “Love Actually” kid. I feel less *turned on* and more like….I should call child services.”

Eek – we bet Jamie won’t be too impressed by those comments!

We’re sure Anna was only joking…kind of. Although now we can’t stop thinking about it. Nooo!

Here is the kid from Love Actually, also known as Thomas Brodie Sangster…

And here he is today…

Could there be a resemblance?