Actress’ husband lashes out at media for leaking pregnancy news


Naya Rivera announced yesterday via her official website that she is expecting her first child with husband Ryan Dorsey.

Although the news was of course welcomed by Naya's fans, many people speculated that she had timed her announcement to coincide with her ex Big Sean's album release date, in an attempt to steal his thunder.

Naya and her ex-fiancé Big Sean split last April, and she married Ryan just three months later, on the same date she had been due to marry her ex. Ouch.

However Ryan has now spoken out about the shock pregnancy announcement, lashing out at the media for forcing him and Naya to reveal the news earlier than they would have liked, in a move that had nothing to do with Big Sean.


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He took to Twitter to shame the person who sold Naya's pregnancy story to US magazine OK! before the actress had decided to tell anyone.

"S/o 2 whoever sold the "news" 2 the greatest "magazine" in the world -OK Magazine, who informed us yesterday they were releasing it 2day," Ryan tweeted last night.

"Even though it was way before we wanted to share…At the very least, thanks for the heads up OK so we could share it on our own. #Dadlife!"

While we were delighted to hear of Naya's baby news, it's such a pity the couple were unable to announce it how and when they wanted.