Actress’ five-year relationship comes to an end


It’s the end of the road for Susan Sarandon and her boyfriend of five years, Jonathon Bricklin.

Their split is said to have been caused by a reality TV show the couple were involved in called Connected, with Susan said to have grown irritated by their private lives being invaded.

A source for Page Six explained the couple are working on things: “It [the TV show] caused a lot of strain in the relationship. It’s documented for the show that Susan breaks up with him because she doesn’t want to be involved with the show. She says, ‘You’re a cast member, I’m not’ … As of now, they’re working on things.”

Susan got together with Jonathon after the pair met on a road trip in Chile, a year after she split from her long-term partner of 21 years, actor Tim Robbins.