Actress debuts a dramatic new hairstyle!

Vannesa Hudgens is no stranger to bizarre new looks when it comes to her hair – but she's really made a big change this time!

Things kicked off this summer when the actress swapped her dark brown locks for bleached blonde, before trading that in for a powder blue hue. 

Later this year she got rid of her flowing extensions and swapped the blue for a traffic light red. Whatever about the colour, though, we think this newest look is her best yet! The High School Musical actress has now chopped off her long, wavy locks for a blunt, shoulder-skimming bob. She was pictured in Paris earlier this week with the new style- though she's kept the red tones, too.

We love this look – very Lauren Conrad!

Vanessa has spoken before about her ever-changing style and how she loves to mix things up. "My style goes from like really bohemian, flowy, to a little more gypsy-esque with vibrant colors and lots of jewellery," she said in a recent interview.

Before leaving Paris she posted this cute selfie to Instagram, showing off her beautiful new bob.

We have serious life/hair envy right now!