Actress and boy band star to work up a sweat before wedding day!


Big Reunion star Kenzie will be whipping Michelle Keegan into shape in time for her wedding to Mark Wright!

Fitness trainer Kenzie, who will be taking part in The Big Reunion Boy Band Tour in October with his group 5th Story, said he’s taken a break from personal training, but will be making an exception for actress Michelle.

We wonder why?

Kenzie said, “I haven’t had time to do any personal training. It’s hard enough to train myself at the moment but I’ll be in good nick for the tour hopefully.”

“I’ve still got a few celebrity clients,” he said. “When Michelle moves down I’m going to train her. We had her leaving party on Friday and I think that was the last big night and then we’re going to start training in time for the wedding.”

Put us all to shame why don’t you Michelle!