Aaaaw! Selena Gomez HAD to don a Celine Dion t-shirt to meet her idol

A lesson in how to be a Celine Dion superfan, by Selena Gomez…

Celine Dion took to the stage at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas on Saturday night – for the final time until mid-May – and one other famous singer was there to cheer her on.

Selena headed along to the show at Caesar's Colosseum, and couldn't help but get caught up in the pre-show buzz, documenting the whole thing in full via Snapchat.

First things first, she bought the obligatory overpriced merch:

Then she took a few group shots of herself and her pals:

There was the classic blurry stage photo with aaaalll the emojis:

And one of Selena getting weepy in the audience as she watched her idol:

So far, so normal.

Except, unlike other Celine fans, Selena actually got to hang out with the world-famous singer after her show. For which she ditched the t-shirt, sadly:

Amazing. It's been an emotional few months for Celine, whose husband of 22 years René Angélil lost his battle with cancer back in January.

The musical legend took a hiatus from her Las Vegas residency before returning for a bittersweet first show back at the end of February, which included a gorgeous video tribute to her late husband.

"I might not hear his voice yet, but I talk to him, I think of him all the time," she told the crowd.

"I feel and I know he hears me, one way or another."