YouTuber’s semi-permanent Henna freckles – don’t try this at home


Growing up as Irish teenagers, many of us covered and concealed our natural freckles with foundation layered an inch thick.

However, the tide is turning for the sun speckles, with mega-models, bloggers and superstars like Kylie Jenner embracing their natural look.

Freckles became a huge beauty trend last year, and women who are blessed with natural freckles continue to wear them with pride (seriously, freckles are so beautiful).


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However, not everyone's skin has the capability to develop freckles, so people began drawing them on to create distinctive beauty looks. 

One YouTuber opted for a semi-permanent method when it came to achieving the look. 

Naomi Jon was inspired to use Henna to add freckles to her face after seeing another beauty influencer's success using the method – however it didn't work out quite as she anticipated.

Uploading a video to her YouTube channel – Naomi demonstrated how not to apply fake freckles. 

Naomi's Henna experiment left her with some very strong freckle patterns after she ordered an orange-brown shade from eBay. 

'It actually burns a little bit, is that normal?' Naomi asks mid-video. 

After washing off the Henna, the intensity of the marks didn't fade. After adding some major layers of foundation, it doesn't look too bad, but Naomi is adamant that she wants to remove the marks.

The influencer definitely used the wrong Henna to achieve the look, check out her video below: