A wig?! Is Kim Kardashian’s new look all a fake?

Kim Kardashian wowed the media last week when she stepped out in Paris with a brand new look.

But now there are rumours her bleached platinum locks could actually be a wig, to save Kim's natural hair from lasting bleach damage.

Given that Kim kas always favoured her natural dark brown colour, we doubt she'll want to stay blonde forever, but such a large amount of bleach could leave her locks brittle and dry.

An insider close to Kim's stylists claims the new 'do is nothing more a wig – but if her new style is in fact a fake, it's a VERY good fake, thanks to Kim's Glam Squad.

"The first top quarter of her hair in the front is bleached, but the rest isn’t,” the insider told RadarOnline. “It’s bleached on the top and sides – and the rest is a wig.”

Wait… what?! We're confused as to how this could work but apparently Kim wouldn't be the first celebrity to save her natural hair by using a wig.

"It’s a trick when talent doesn’t want to ruin their whole head of hair…  It’s parted perfectly and at different lengths and you always see the front of her head so it looks like it’s all normal, but it’s trickery,” said the source.

“The rest of her hair is still brown. Just watch, you’ll see her go back to brunette like it’s no problem at all complete with healthy, shiny hair," they added.

At some angles we can see how this could be true but from others, like this one, it's harder to figure out:

It does seem far-fetched, but we wouldn't put it past Mrs. Kardashian-West!