93% of us felt more positively toward an employer who supplied subsidised meals

Would you feel more job satisfaction if your employer subsidised meals in the workplace?

Apparently a lot of us would!

Food supply and restaurant provision featured strongly in terms of what employees feel supports wellbeing in the office.  Access to coffee, convenient refreshments and healthy meal solutions in the workplace topped the list of factors contributing to workplace wellbeing.

For those who normally enjoy foodservices within their workplace, 93% reported feeling more positive towards their employer as a result. 80% said it helps them to eat more healthily at work, and almost nine out of ten workers, 88%, believe that eating healthily on a daily basis impacts how they feel at work.

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While the pandemic turned the world of work upside down, it seems to have had a positive impact too, in terms of people opting for a healthier lifestyle and better food choices, says Niamh Quinn, who is a Registered Nutritionist and health and wellbeing advisor at Compass Group Ireland.

“We value our health more and are looking for ways to make healthier choices, whether working from home or back in the workplace.  Eating a balanced breakfast and lunch, as well as opting for nutritious snacks like fruit or nuts during the working day will help with energy levels and concentration” she says.

An energy sustaining lunch would include a portion of protein like fish, eggs, lean meat or tofu, a wholegrain carbohydrate like quinoa, wholewheat pasta or brown rice and one or two portions of veg or fruit, the nutritionist advises. Drinking plenty of water will help stave off tiredness too, and the expert advice is to avoid too much caffeine.

“Keep healthy snacks at the ready to avoid energy slumps and reduce the likelihood of reaching for less nutritious options”, the expert recommends.

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Last week was National Workplace Wellbeing Day and new Irish research shows that 93% of workers reported feeling more positive towards their employer as a result of enjoying subsidised meals in the workplace.

Over two thirds (72%) of Irish adults working from home due to Covid-19, said they missed out on food services provision and wellness initiatives, normally provided by their employers, during lockdown.  This is according to new national research carried out last month for Compass Group Ireland by Opinions Market Research.

Over half (51%) of those working from home currently say they expect to return to the office within the next six months. For those currently working at home, access to at-home catering solutions like meal kits and delivered ready meals would be of particular interest as a lunchtime boost. 7 in 10 said they would value this type of healthy eating supports.

Compass Group Ireland recently launched its new Feedr app on the Dublin market, a Cloud Canteen service whereby employers can have healthy and tasty food delivered to the office or to employees’ homes. The Feedr app allows individual users to select healthier choices from an extensive menu of 140 balanced meals that help boost physical and mental wellbeing. Eating good food at work is an important element of the office experience for many, that is both social and comforting, says Deirdre O’Neill, Future Food Offer Director at Compass Group Ireland.

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“Feedr’s Cloud Canteen solution allows businesses provide a flexible food perk without needing a full onsite restaurant.  Employees have nutritious meals delivered to the office, on the days they’re in, with an option for home delivery in the Dublin area too”.

The Feedr service from Compass Group Ireland, which is only available in the Dublin area during 2021, will increase safety and flexibility for employers providing meals at work.  It facilitates social distancing, thanks to the app-based pre-order and pre-payment, with agreed workplace collection points and notifications when food is ready.  This innovative office food solution means companies can temporarily swap onsite catering and buffet style meals for an individual delivered service.

See https://try.feedr.co/dublin/ for more information.