’90s fashion comebacks that must be stopped


It is an unfortunate fact that fashion seems to be cyclical. There’s a ridiculous fad, everyone jumps on the bandwagon and after it passes we shudder and say “never again”.

However, it always comes around. 20 years later the people who didn’t experience it the first time round get on board, and either ironically or genuinely, it’s cool again.

But there are certain items at which we should draw the line.


Been there, done that, twisted our ankles.

It’s ok to be short. It’s not ok to break people’s toes clomping around like a girl-power elephant.

Jelly sandals

No. Just no.  Put them in the bin with your Crocs.

Crop tops

Don’t let Taylor Swift trick you – crop tops are awful. In Ireland were barely have the weather to have our arms exposed, never mind our stomachs. The ability to disguise our bellies is one of the greatest things about clothes, and this trend ruins it.

High waisted jeans

While still preferable to the low-slung muffin-top-enhancing jeans of the noughties, there is a fine line between a well fitting waist and turning into your mum. At the very least make sure it doesn’t reach up to your crop top.


Showering should always be in fashion.