9 times in life a girl just ‘can’t even’ deal


“I can’t even” is a new phrase that has become incredibly common and expresses so much with so little. Here are the times we just “can’t even”.

1. Watching Beyoncé
When Beyoncé dances and sings, we “just can’t even”. There is no explaining it. It is a common thing us women just know.


2. Witnessing A Fight
When we watch guys or girls fight over something extremely petty, we “just can’t even”. Maybe it is because we are above it? Maybe it is because we are just so damn cool? Who knows – we just can’t be dealing with it.

eye roll gif

3. Seeing A Photo Of Ryan Gosling
Ryan Gosling. Crazy Stupid Love. “I just can’t even.”


4. When Your Ex Wants To Speak To You
When your ex is approaching you and wants to “catch up” or “have a quick chat” all women everywhere “just can’t even”.


5. When Leonardo Di Caprio Didn’t Win The Oscar
All girls everywhere thought Leo deserved this year’s Oscar. When he didn’t win, the female population let out an almighty “I can’t even”.

leo sad

6. When Your Fake Tan Runs
Whether you are wearing instant or your overnight tan, when it runs, all women, no matter where they are say “I just can’t even”.


7. When You’re Hungover
When every girl is hungover they are “literally dying” and, of course “they can’t even”.


8. When You See A Cute Animal
When any girl sees a cute animal on Facebook or in the real life, we “just can’t even”.


9. When You Are Getting Ready To Go Out And Someone Asks You To Do Something
This is self explanatory. When a women is getting ready to go out we have to be focused and we can’t be dealing with anything else. If you ask us to do something, we will shout “I JUST CAN’T EVENNNN!!!”.

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