9 times being an adult was absolutely NO craic


Sometimes we've just had enough of being an adult.

When it's lashing rain outside and we have to get up at 6.45am for work, we'd like nothing better than to pull a sickie and have our mum deliver flat 7up and toast to our bed. Oh, to be a kid again!

Here are just nine times that adult life has been NO fun. 

1. The first time we realised that the fridge and cupboards didn't magically fill themselves
"So I actually have to BUY food? On a regular basis?"


2. Any time we've set the smoke alarm off while trying to boil some pasta
Nigella Lawson we are not.


3. Every month when we see how much tax comes out of our paycheck


4. Any time a bill arrives
Another one? Is this some kind of cruel joke?


5. Every morning we have to commute to work in the lashing rain/ice/wind/snow
Bonus anti-craic points if it's so early the sun hasn't even come up. THE JOYS.


6. That one time we tried and failed to build a piece of IKEA furniture
"It's meant to be lopsided, right?"


7. The time we stupidly volunteered to cook dinner for a group of people
So. Much. Chopping. Not to mention the fact that we only have three plates to serve eight people.


8. Any time we attempt to start "eating clean"
"I'll just have ONE HobNob." *eats fifteen in a row*


9. Every time we wake up with a desperate hangover and The Fear
Back to bed. Forever.