9 things that will make a 20-something look cool

Being cool in your 20s is not very hard – in fact, you’re usually considered cool just for the sheer fact that you’re IN your 20s.

Your 20s are a period of 10 years where you can be independent, dependent, mature, and immature at the same time. We’re old enough to party and young enough to party. People younger than 20 want to be you and people older than 30 want to be you.

However we’re not all the same – at least not to each other – and some 20-somethings are simply cooler than others. Why? Here are the things that will allow you to rise above the mundanely cool.

1. Drinking wine — at the bar
Waltzing around a bar or club with a glass of Pinot in your hand makes you look mature. You’re showing you’re still up for having fun (you’re drunk and out), but you’ve also grown out of vodka (for the moment). It shows you can be a grown-up, despite the arm flailing (dancing) and the random stuff you’re saying. A wine glass in your hand shows that one day you’ll have it all together. Just not yet.


2. Watching Netflix original TV shows
Netflix is not completely mainstream (yet), therefore giving it ‘cool’ status. If you can get into Netflix shows it means you have money to afford it (or friends to steal Netflix account passwords from) and you have a good sense of humor (intellectual humor). Like, I have 5 words for you: Orange is the New Black. If you watch this show you are in a club of very special people. And House of Cards – amazing. Netflix even picked up the cult show Arrested Development for a 4th season. Netflix is cool. And people who watch their original series are too.


3. Staying in once in a while
Obviously staying in all the time isn’t cool. But once every other month — that’s pretty cool. First of all, it’s mysterious. People will think ‘why now?’ and your implication that you have more important things to do will make people want to hang out with you even more. Staying in out of nowhere makes those around you wonder why they can’t grow up and stay in too. Your absence may also make people realise you’re actually fun and show them why you SHOULD be around.


4. Listening to
What is it about this music that makes a neon-clad 20-something cool? Is it because college students are basking in this ritual  so it makes a post-grad seem like they still got it? Is it because it shows that he or she likes to RAGE? Is it because it makes a 20-something mysterious — like, do they do trendy drugs or do they just like FUN? tumblr_m51x3nDAE21rozd3po1_500

5. Pretending to have money
At the bar you’re all like “no don’t worry, I’ll get the drinks, you can get them next time.” There probably won’t be a next time though… You just wanted to seem ‘rich.’ At dinner, you’re all like ‘It’s fine. I can throw in the extra money for tip. No need to pay me back.’ Oh, if they only knew your credit card is almost maxed out. And in the taxi, you’re all like “I got this one. Let me use my card.’ Perhaps you’ll throw in the ‘you guys can give me cash,’ but part of you knows that no one is going to give you cash. Except maybe one person… but that’s really all you needed — That lone 5er you needed for the cloakroom. You act all casual walking away after spending eighteen euro on a cab pretending it didn’t hurt you. Oh but it did. In fact, it hurt you more than it hurt your bank account. 


6. Eating quinoa
…and other organic foods. “Eating clean” makes it appear that you have money, you’re healthy and you can cook (Chef Instagram if you will). It gives you something to talk to other 20-somethings about and makes you feel like an adult even IF the quinoa is microwavable. Basically, if quinoa is not something you eat while on the couch watching Netflix in yoga pants with a glass of wine, GET OUT OF MY APARTMENT.


9. #Hastagging
#idontknowwhythisiscool. #butitis. #whenyoudoitasajoke. #likeonfacebook. #orpostthevideooffallonandtimberlakehashtagging.#sorrynotsorry.


8. Having an obscene amount of people like your activity on social media
When someone likes your status or your picture or retweets you or favorites your tweet it makes you feel good. But when an obscene amount of people like your stuff, that’s when you start to LOOK cool. It’s like that girl who always gets 50+ likes on her statuses. I don’t find her that funny, but other people do, so I suppose she’s funny. Facebook is a mini playground and ‘likes’ determine popularity. That must be why everyone starts wanting to get engaged. They want the 100+ likes on their relationship change activity. They want to see what long lost acquaintances and exes will come out of the woodworks to like the activity. It’s sick. We’re sick.


9. Telling people you’re busy
You can’t be busy all the time or people will stop inviting you to do things, but if you’re only busy sometimes, people might wonder if you dislike them, which will make them try to impress you. They’ll wonder why they’re never busy and deem you as a cooler, more social person than them. You will seem like you have all these friends, but still seem to make time for everyone, making you an absolute blast. ‘How does she do it?!‘ they’ll think. Little do they know, you’re probably on the couch with a bottle of wine watching Netflix… in tracksuit bottoms.


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