10 things that happen after the 1st of December

While Christmas seems to begin earlier and earlier these days, the 1st of December is the day you can let yourself embrace it. Now that we’ve experienced one day of real Christmas so far, here is what else will happen this month…

1. You wake up and realise….CHRISTMAS FM IS LIVE!!

2. As you dig out your most subtle Christmas jumper (it is only the 2nd after all, let’s not lose the run of ourselves) you listen to Mariah Carey sing about what she wants for Christmas, and it’s amazing.

3. You leave your house and fully embrace that sharp cold, feeling smug because you remembered your gloves and hat – because it’s December now.

4. It’s time to pop into your favourite coffee shop and order the most outlandish Christmas-themed coffee they have for the most extortionate price. “Can I have a ginger-bread hot chocolate with a shot of the candy-cane peppermint syrup and some marshmallow with whipped cream? Skimmed milk, thanks.” And then we look exactly like the gif below. 

5. You suffer a mild heart attack as you sit down and plan a list of all your Christmas presents. The budget is €10.50 per family member, totally doable. Boyfriend budget is €150. You know your priorities.

6. You forget said list and dig it out on December 17th, have another mild heart attack and leg it into town. You would get the bus but you don’t have time to wait for it not to arrive.

7. Needless to say, you chose the wrong day to shop. In fact, any day after the 8th is just wrong. Is there a teacher strike again? Is it Black Friday? What is this?

8. You promise your mum you are going to cook the starter and the dessert for Christmas dinner, only to realise you don’t finish work until Christmas Eve. It’s the 23rd now, when is the right time to let her know? Hmm…

9. You promise you're going to get a tree up in the apartment this year – you WILL do it! And you do, only to leave it there till Easter. Why can't we be the whole package of a real adult? They make it seem so easy. 

10. Every single ad on TV makes you cry. Even the one about the teenager who gets a phone and then lays his head on his mum's shoulder! *sob*