9 things Irish mammies say about the weather in winter

Irish mammies don't like a hot humid summer. They also don't like a freezing cold winter – like this one!

Here are some things you will definitely hear from your mammy this winter: 

1. “You know something, I’d say it will snow tonight now”
Says every Irish mammy every night of December. The two times they are right they proclaim: "Now, what did I say." And it isn't a question. 

2. “The roads are TRECHEROUS”
And they probably are, in fairness. 

3. “You can’t go out in that you will PERISH”
She's right, you will. Put a coat on for feck's sake!

4. “The heating on and every door and window open…typical”
You can just hear the disappointment in her voice.  

5. “Keep an eye on that fire now while I'm gone – not too much turf mind”
This is a BIG responsibility – so don't mess it up. 

6. “It’s too cold to snow”
Is that even possible? 

7. “It. Is. BALTIC, help me inside with these messages!”
Sure is, mammy. Ok mammy. 

8. "Sure at least it's not as cold as 2010. Ah, The Big Freeze" 
The memories come flooding back…it's horrific. They say it may happen again, you know…

9. "Run the taps there for a while so they don't freeze over"
The most annoying job EVER. Fact.