9 things guaranteed to happen in EVERY Irish house at Christmas


Is there anything lovelier – or more bizarre – than a traditional Irish Christmas?

Okay, it's not everyone's cup of tea, but even the Grinches of the world can't say no to a tin of Roses and a hot whiskey.

No matter what's gone down over the previous twelve months, there are some traditions that always stay the same come Christmas time. Here are a few of the things that are no doubt going to happen in your house…

1. Someone will get a roasting for eating from the wrong selection box
"I was SAVING that Curly Wurly for tomorrow you heathen."


2. And there'll be a fight over when it's okay to eat the "good" biscuits
Look at them there, in their shiny tin, calling to you.


3. You say you'll have "just the one" down the pub on Christmas Eve
Just the one… entire bottle… of Baileys.


4. But despite the hangover, you'll still wake up early on Christmas morning
Because presents.


5. One relative will insist on hogging the TV for Coronation St on Dec 25th
"Can we not put on a box set and call it a day, Auntie Mags?"


6. Your mam/dad will SWEAR this is the year they get the roast potatoes right
"Anne in work said she uses coconut oil for them, so I bought a kilo."


7. You'll have to feign excitement for at least one awful gift
"Oh, a selection of lavender soaps, my fave."


8. There'll be a heated discussion about whether Coffee Escape belongs in the tin of Roses
A contentious issue indeed.


9. One relative will get a little too liberal with the sherry
And they'll start talking about your mam's "wild" days in the Sixties.

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