9 of the worst fashion crimes committed by ’90s girls


Anyone born in the 90′s is guilty of at least one of these awful crimes.

By no means is there anything wrong with rocking your own personal style, but some things should stay out of fashion. Forever.

1. Bad hair extensions


Some hair extensions work. Some really, really don’t. FYI, brown hair and bleach blonde streaky highlights? No, no, no!

2. Rocking high shine tan tights with a dress/skirt


Leave the high-shine to the OAP’s.

3. The luminous phase

Fiber Optics barrette

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 11.32.52

Gold bag, silver kitten heels. Yup, we’ve all been there. Even Kim K, and she’s been in Vogue. There’s hope yet.

4. Kitten heels


Just wear pumps, please. There is NO inbetween.

5. Jeans and dresses


Good Lord no.

6. High heeled flip flops



How are these practical in any life lesson ever?

7. Rolled up school skirt


When you were young you wanted to be cool and a little bit sexy. But a rolled up school skirt is never sexy.

 8. Too much eyebrow/too little/none


Please look after your brows. They are so important. As demonstrated above.

9. Scrunchies.



Scrunchies are cool again apparently … We’re not so sure.

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