8 thoughts we had when we woke up this morning

If you’re anything like us then you probably don’t open your curtains or check the weather on your phone before you pick out your outfit.

And like us, that probably meant your morning went a little something like this…

1. “Ahh, a new day – I think I’ll wear that new light floral dress I bought. After all, it’s spring now!”


2. “So glad I don’t have to wear bulky woolly jumpers anymore, see ya winter!"


3. “A heavy coat? Nah, this light jacket will definitely do. Sure it’s not like it’s snowing HAHAHA”


4. “Boots or pumps? I think pumps, it hasn’t rained in a while after all!”


5. “I’m so glad I packed away all of my winter clothes this weekend, I mean, LOOK at all of this space!”


6. “Okay time to gooo…oh, it’s…snowing.” *runs back inside and changes*


7. "It's been winter for about seven months now, but that's okay, I'm resilient"


8. "I need a bloody holiday"