8 situations that will definitely put your relationship to the test


No matter how rock-solid your relationship is, there are certain events that will always be a bit, shall we say, challenging.

If you and your other half have almost called it quits over an ill-fated trip to IKEA or "someone" forgetting to pack your passports for that long-awaited holiday, don't worry, you're not alone.

Here are some of the many, many everyday incidents that are bound to get tempers flaring…

1. Trying to decide what takeaway to order from
'Which one?' 'Ah, I don't mind.' 'So will we go for Domino's?' 'Nah, not in the mood.' 


2. Picking a film on Netflix
Too much choice is sometimes a bad thing. The WORST thing, in fact.


3. Meeting your other half's parents for the first time
You're tense, he's tense, they're probably tense… it's a recipe for disaster.


4. The first time he tags along on a girls' night (or vice versa)
So, one of the girls was meant to bring her BF too and now he can't come… roll on cocktail night with the gals (plus one boy).


5. The first time you two do a food shop together
"No, I only eat Heinz Beans." "Well I only eat Batchelor's." The ultimate showdown.


6. That "casual" game of Monopoly
An hour ago you were pals, now he's just made you go bankrupt and you're seething.


7. Your first holiday together
It'll be grand when you get there, you just need to navigate the airport queues, the long-haul flight, driving on the wrong side of the road, a new currency…


8. The morning after a drunken fight
"Well, see, you wouldn't listen to me when I said Dustin WAS in the Eurovision that one time…"