So, here’s why you need to include skipping in your exercise routine

Be honest; how many times have you attributed a celebrity or influencer's physique to the amount of money they earn?

As much and all as we might long for what we consider the 'perfect body', the truth of the matter is that the vast majority of us have convinced ourselves that we simply can't afford it.

Between the cost of gym memberships and personal training sessions, in addition to the price of 'clean-eating', a large number of us fear our body goals are essentially out of reach because our disposable income does not equate with that of the people we follow on Instagram.

And that's where cut-price exercise methods come in. Ladies, behold the humble skipping rope.

1. It's cheap as chips

Unlike gym packages which can set you back a bundle, a skipping rope  – even the best quality – will hardly break the bank.

Most highstreet sport shops will carry a range of skipping ropes, and right now we're loving the Nike High Intensity Speed Rope in pink.

2. It burns calories

Skipping is a super easy way to burn fat. According to fitness experts, 10 minutes of skipping can burn up to 125 calories.

And further to that, the British Rope Skipping Association has stated that those 10 minutes actually have the same health benefits as a 45-minute run.

There is a reason why athletes rely so heavily on skipping during their training sessions, and if it's good enough for them, it's good enough for us.

3. It improves muscle tone

From your glutes and hamstrings to your abs and forearms, there are very few muscle groups that a skipping session won't work.

Most of us associate skipping with our legs (for obvious reasons), but as skipping relies so much on balance, the individual will ultimately work their chest, core and back in each skipping session.

Who doesn't want a toned core without resorting to a mammoth sit-up session?

4. It improves skin tone

Skipping provides you with a full-body work-out, and as we all know, a full-body work out will get the blood pumping around the body in no time.

Good circulation ultimate rids the body of toxins and provides the skin with much-needed nutrients.

So not only are you working your joints and muscles, you're doing wonders for your skintone every time you pick up that rope.

5. It's a full-body workout

When you think about it, there are few parts of your body that aren't in motion when you skip.

Your feet and legs are constantly bouncing up and down, your arms are in motion as you swing the rope for your next jump, and your core is engaged as a result of your need to stay upright and on-balance.

And it doesn't stop there. Skipping also helps you become more agile and coordinated which goes a long, long way to improving your overall fitness levels.