8 things that happen every weekend we go home


What is it about going home that makes us regress back to our teenage years? 

Suddenly, we find ourselves to be an overgrown version of our once whiny, hormonal selves…

Here are some things you may find happening when you head home for weekends…

1. You run to the fridge to hide all the nice stuff from your siblings
They’ll never check the veg drawer

2. You go to your room only to realise your mom is slowly but surely turning it into something else
What is this, a gym? A sewing room? A dressing room? You can’t quite tell yet

3. You say you’re going to hit the local pub(s) but end up watching The Late Late with your parents
“Ah, I’ll just see who he has on next and go then”

4. You have a massive fight with your brother/sister
He ate all the food in the whole house/you found your favourite jumper in her bag

5. You try to think of a good excuse not to go to mass
“I’m a Buddhist now, sorry Maw”

6. You have the BEST breakfast of all time complete with black AND white pudding, rashers, sausages and eggs

7. You curse ONCE and you mom demands to know “what kind of people you’re hanging around with these days”
The worst kind

8. Finally, you’re glad to be leaving – but you’re still looking forward to heading home next week