7 questions men really want to know about women

There’s a lot of myths and mysteries, and even weird fantasies that guys have about girls out there. Some of these questions, they're just too damn nervous or afraid to ask the girls, but here’s the most common ones!

1. Do sexy pillow fights at slumber parties really happen?
Guys actually believe we prance around in our underwear throwing pillows. It couldn't be further from the truth but we won't ruin it for them. 

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2. When with their friends, do girls talk about how good their boyfriend is at sex?
Sure, and also how bad or weird it is too!

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3. Has every girl had that quasi-lesbian experience at some stage in their life?
Some girls have, some girls haven't but guys love to think we ALL have (and would again). 

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4. Where do girls go to fart?
Most men have never heard a peep out of girls, and they want to know how?! Just because you can't control your (gross) bodily functions, doesn't mean we can't!

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5. Do girls think that size really does matter?
There are so many things to consider before answering a question like that – but the bottom line is no. 

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6. Do girls enjoy cheesy pickup lines?
They might make us laugh which is definitely in your favour but don't use them seriously. 

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7. Does your “lady time” really have THAT much of an effect on your mood, or is it just an excuse to act out?
Boys would NEVER have the gall to actually ask this which means they already know the answer. 

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